ComeOn Monthly Virtual Sports Free Bet!

Virtual Sports Free Bet

Virtual sports have seen a massive rise in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. People who love sports gave them a try and are now going back again and again. If you are one of these people that love Virtual Sports then ComeOn casino has an excellent offer for you. The ComeOn Monthly Virtual Sports Free Bet offer basically allows you to bet free for a whole year!

What are Virtual Sports?

A quick explainer for anyone who might be new here: Virtual Sports are contests between two virtual teams, all run through computer programs. There are no real players that take part and this makes Virtual Sports different from esports.

Think of Virtual Sports more like slot machines so anyone can bet on them, even if you don’t really follow the sport very closely. Luck is the biggest factor and not skill. Both the competing teams are computer generated and bear no resemblance to any real teams. The results are completely random.

The players get to watch ‘highlights’ of the contest between the two teams leading up to the results. A virtual football match may be over in three minutes! Football, Cricket, Motor Racing, and a whole number of other sports are available in these virtual contests.

ComeOn Monthly Virtual Sports Free Bet

Now, let’s look at the actual offer! ComeOn is offering Rs.1000 in Free Bets every month if you bet at least Rs.1000 on Virtual Sports every month. That is it. The amount is a pretty small one and allows players to explore virtual sports to their liking.

Terms and Conditions to be kept in mind

  • Players must Opt-in to be eligible for receiving free bets.
  • The validity of these free bets I three days from the time you receive them.
  • Users can claim these free bets just once every month but only need to opt-in once.

That is it! Have fun!

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