IPL Combo Money Back Offer

IPL Combo Money Back Offer

10Cric has new bonus promotions for the IPL every single week. That means you have seven new bonuses to look forward to for the seven weeks IPL 2020 is going to run. Starting from the 12th of October is the IPL Combo Money Back Offer.

As per this bonus, you can get a free bet of Rs.1000 for a losing combination bet. We love combination bets because the odds that you get are just so much better, however, the added risk of losing out due to a single missed bet is always there.

This IPL promotion takes that out of the running and actually allows you to be more aggressive in the odds that you are chasing. Even if one of the bets does not come through, you still get up to Rs. 1000 back.

Keep in mind that this offer is only valid if you get one and only one selection wrong. If, however, you get more than one selection wrong then you are not eligible for this cashback promo.

IPL with 10Cric

The Indian Premier League rules the hearts and minds of the entire nation for the nearly two months that it is on the airwaves. This season, the viewership has been even higher because there is no other international cricket going on.

Every single team has its entire squad available to it and so the contests have been very close as well. With two super-overs, multiple last-over finishes, and some riveting contests, it is difficult to know who is going to end up on top.

This is also why you can get some truly incredible betting odds for the matches. A heavily lopsided contest is not where you are going to build your bankroll. Instead, it is the close matches that swing from one direction to another that allow you to grab good betting odds and even cover your bets with the magic of arbitrage.

10Cric offers multiple betting markets for each match, both pre-match and in-play, with an intuitive and easy to use interface! The IPL Combo Money Back Offer is just one example of the kind of promotions you can enjoy for this entire duration!

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