Kabaddi Betting in India

Kabaddi is among the most popular sports in India today. Whilst it has taken a long time to reach this popularity, it is a game with ancient origins. Betting on Kabaddi may still be relatively new as well, but it is on the rise and more and more betting sites in India are offering odds on Kabaddi as well. If you want to get started betting on Kabaddi, read on.

What is Kabaddi?

Let’s assume there are people reading this article who have never heard of Kabaddi. So, we’ll explain what it is first.

Kabaddi is a contact sport played with two teams and seven players on each team. The aim is that one player, called the ‘Raider’ runs over to the opposing team’s half of the court and tags out as many of the defenders as possible without being tackled himself.

Points are earned when a ‘Raider’ tags opposing players or if the ‘Raider’ is tackled. Each team, therefore, has an opportunity to score during each move. A tagged or tackled player is taken out of the game, but once their team scores a point again, they are brought back in.

Here you can see a highlight clip from the Pro Kabaddi League game between Patna Pirates and Bengaluru Bulls

The game is played on a relatively small court and no items such as balls, rackets or any paraphernalia are used. It’s really just the players on each side.

Kabaddi has its origin in the Tamil region of India and basically spread from there. Whilst it is still a favorite in the subcontinent, many other Asian countries have adopted the sport as well in the 20th century.

How to get started in Online Kabaddi Betting

Provided you know the rules of the game and probably already follow the matches, you probably know enough about the sport to place some successful bets on it.

You are therefore likely looking for a good betting site that also offers betting on Kabaddi. That’s not as easy as you might think though because the sport may be popular in India and Asia, but it’s barely known in Europe and the rest of the world.

The number of betting sites that offer betting on Kabaddi is therefore relatively small. We’re here to help you find the sites that do offer Kabaddi betting and whether they are suitable for you. One great site that caters especially towards Indian customers and has a comprehensive market when it comes to kabaddi betting is 10CRIC.


10CRIC is a great site to get started with betting on kabaddi online, they offer a comprehensive market on kabaddi during the big tournaments such as Kabaddi Pro League and the World Cup.

You’ll always find great on-going promotions at 10CRIC, they actually got one of the best promotion pages we have seen at any online betting site. They also have great welcome bonuses you can choose from.


10CRIC Betting Bonus

100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹10,000 + Free Spins
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Wagering: 12xD+B New Customers Only. 18+. T&C Apply.

10CRIC is an online betting site that we can truly recommend to all Indian customers who want to start with online betting. We already did a full review of 10CRIC, that you could read if you are not yet familiar with the site.

Finding the best Kabaddi Betting site in India

Every betting site we check for you, we also check for Kabaddi betting. Do they offer betting on Kabaddi? Are there good odds and a good number of markets to choose from?

There are a few things we check for you to ensure that we recommend a site for Kabaddi betting as well. But you can always do your own research, of course.

Finding the best site for Kabaddi betting is much easier than for Cricket betting, for instance, simply because there are much fewer sites to choose from.

It’s three betting sites that come to mind when thinking of betting on kabaddi, and that’s 10CRIC, Dafabet, and 1xBet. All these online betting sites are great sites for Indian players to take their gambling.


Dafabet is an online betting site that caters especially towards the Asian market. It’s currently getting bigger and bigger in India, offering more promotions and bonuses to players from India.

Unfortunately, Dafabet only lets you play with MYR or USD as currency at the moment, but you can deposit in rupees at Dafabet. One thing that is very good for Indian customers at this betting site is that you can contact the customer service with a toll-free number from India, as well as having a great live chat option.


Dafabet Betting Bonus

170% Welcome Bonus up to ₹17,000
Claim Bonus
Wagering: 15xD+B New Customers Only. 18+. T&C Apply.

We did a full review of Dafabet that you can read here if you’re totally new to this online betting site in India.

Kabaddi betting options and the best odds

Once we have confirmed that a betting site offers odds and markets for Kabaddi as well, we check out the options you can find here. Are there only big matches available? Can you find local Kabaddi betting options as well?

When the Pro Kabaddi League is on, you’ll want to see various selections. But outside of that, you may be able to bet on the Super Kabaddi League, the Women’s Kabaddi Challenge or the Asian Kabaddi Championship. There are a lot of options available now, but not all are offered by all betting sites.

And how competitive are the odds you get? The problem here is mostly that bookmakers know that there are few sites even offering Kabaddi betting and thus they don’t need to be super competitive with the odds they offer.

We still want to check that the odds are fair and that there’s more than one selection available for you to choose from.

Live betting and live streaming

If you want to bet on Kabaddi, you’ll easily find great options for pre-match betting. But once a match is underway, you may also want to place some bets on the live event. So, does your chosen bookmaker have live betting options for Kabaddi?

For the big events, you can be sure that live betting on Kabaddi is also available. But smaller or regional matches may not be covered. It’s best to find out in advance to prevent disappointment later.

We also make sure to check whether live streaming is available. Some of the biggest bookmakers in the world offering live streaming on just about any event they offer odds on. Kabaddi can be among them, but live streaming for Kabaddi events is rare and you should not count on finding something suitable here.

One site that might offer streaming on certain kabaddi matches is the online betting site 1xBet.


1xbet is a great online betting site that has its origin from Russia and caters towards players in Europe and Asia. This is not an Indian only betting site, but they offer a comprehensive odds market for Indian players. Not many betting sites out there is even close to 1xBet when it comes to its enormous market for odds at any sport you can think of.

At 1xBet you’ll find an odds market for whatever sport you’re looking for, and they normally give you the option to stream as long as there is a balance on your account.


1xbet Betting Bonus

130% Welcome Bonus up to ₹26,000
Claim Bonus
Wagering: 5xB New Customers Only. 18+. T&C Apply.

1xBet also offers great on-going promotions and got multiple welcome bonuses for new customers to choose from. Check out our 1xBet review and then check out their Kabaddi betting options before you make a decision.

Mobile betting

Betting sites offering Kabaddi betting will also make sure that you are able to bet on it via their mobile app or the mobile site.

Finding a good betting site that offers betting on Kabaddi is much more difficult than finding one of them that also offers good mobile betting. As long as Kabaddi is among the sports you can bet on, you won’t have trouble also betting via a mobile device.

Kabaddi bonuses and promotions

Whilst it is unlikely that you will find bonuses or promotions specifically for Kabaddi, it’s not impossible and we’ve seen some here or there. It’s a great incentive to have when signing up at a betting site in India, so be sure to check if you can find anything. If we have come across promotions for Kabaddi whilst reviewing a particular betting site, we will be sure to let you know.

Further aspects

There are a few other things you might want to check out before signing up at a Kabaddi betting site:

  • Customer service – We want 24/7 customer service. They need to be professional, helpful and they should be friendly as well. Problems should be solved in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the customers.
  • Trustworthiness and transparency – How well-regulated licensed is the bookmaker? Do they have gambling licenses? Have they ever been sanctioned? But beyond that, do they limit big winners? Do they allow high rollers? How quickly do they payout wins?
  • User-friendliness – We’ve seen too many sportsbooks that are difficult to navigate or overly cluttered. So, looking at the design of the sportsbook is another aspect we check out. Is it easy to find the sports you want to bet on? Is the betting slip convenient to use? This an more we will check for you, but you should also keep these things in mind when signing up somewhere.


Which is the best kabaddi betting site?

It goes without saying that 10CRIC is one of the best betting sites for Kabaddi. Since their focus is on the Indian market, they also focus on the favorite sports Indian punters like to follow, Kabaddi among them.

This is one of the best sites fulfilling just about all the criteria we’ve listed above and thus an excellent choice for you.

Another great option is Dafabet since it focuses on Asian markets more than most betting sites. Kabaddi betting options are available here and you can expect to get great odds and a handful of promotions for Kabaddi here as well.

Another site that offers a surprising selection of Kabaddi markets is 1xBet, a site where a lot of unconventional sports are offered anyway. They don’t have the best reputation with customer service and seem to restrict big winners very fast.

Kabaddi FAQ

Who won the Kabaddi World Cup 2019 for men?

For the first time ever India did not win the World Cup in Kabaddi, but instead, Iran won the World Cup 2019 in Kabaddi.

Who won the Kabaddi World Cup 2019 for women?

The first World Cup for women in Kabaddi took place in Bihar, India in 2012. In 2019 India won the World Cup in Kabaddi after beating Iran in the finals.

How many players in a Kabaddi game?

It’s 12 players at each team, with 7 active players and 5 at the bench ready to substitute. One team is called raiders, and the other team is anti raiders, both teams can score points from both attacking and defending.

When is the Kabaddi World Cup 2020? (Circle style)

India has hosted all six circle style World Cups, but Pakistan will be hosting the 2020 edition of the circle style Kabaddi World Cup, and it will be held between 12-18 January.

How many variations of Kabaddi is there?

Its two major disciplines of kabaddi, one is called Punjabi kabaddi and is referred to as “Circle Style”, and this is played outdoors. The other is the “Standard style” which is played on a rectangular court indoors. There are some more variations of the game but these are the two most known.